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Press Releases Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths experts are available for comment and analysis on reducing hospital infection rates and related issues.

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Swine Flu: Infection Control in Hospitals Will Be Critical (4/27/2009)

APIC Covers up Extent of Deadly C.Diff (11/11/2008)

RID to NFL: MRSA Screening is Essential (10/29/2008)

RID's Betsy McCaughey Teaches High School Students How to Prevent Deadly Infections (10/16/2008)

New Compendium to Combat Hospital-Acquired Infections will be the Trial Lawyer's Bibile (10/10/2008)

On National Patient Safety Day, The Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths Calls on the CDC to Make Every Death Count (7/24/2008)

It's the Same Old Song: 'Accentuate the Positive' as New York State Department of Health Releases Statewide Hospital Infection Rates; Statement From the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths (RID) (7/8/08)

April 16th Congressional Hearing on Hospital Infections (4/15/2008)

Evanston-Northwestern Study Proves Effectiveness of MRSA Screening to Reduce Hospital Infections (3/18/2008)

JAMA Article Provides False Support for CDC's Do-Nothing Position on MRSA (3/11/2008)

How to Survive an Unexpected Trip to the Hospital During Christmas and New Years (12/20/2007)

Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths Applauds Senator Durbin's Hospital Infection Legislation, but Suggests Some Crucial Additions in Order to Combat Soaring MRSA Rates (10/29/2007)

Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths Releases 10 Lifesaving Steps to Protect Students from MRSA Infections (10/22/2007)

June 25, 2007 Newly released data confirm CDC failures and the urgent need for cleanliness standards and MRSA screening in U.S. hospitals

March 9, 2007 Infectious Disease, Legionella Experts Urge Hospitals to Reduce Infection and Protect Patients

June 22, 2006 Protecting Patients, Eliminating Infections, Improving Performance: Emerging Tools to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections

March 9, 2006 Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths calls on Maryland lawmakers to require effective infection control in hospitals and stop needless deaths

March 6, 2006 RID calls on Connecticut lawmakers to make hospitals come clean

January 5, 2006 Angiotech Initiates Anti-Infective CVC US Pivotal Study

December 30, 2005 Patient advocates call on CDC to do more to stop hospital infection

December 8, 2005 Uncontrolled Infections Leave U.S. Hospitals Unprepared for Avian Flu and Bioterrorism

April 28, 2005 Water-Borne Legionnaires' Disease a "Drop in the Buckett" Compared with Most Hospital Infection

March 15, 2005 Forum II - Harvard Club of NYC - RID Shows that Preventing Hospital Infections could Substantially Close the Medicaid Gap."

March 1, 2005 McCaughey Deliver Keynote Address at National Conference of Insurance Legislators

February 15, 2005 RID Challenges Hospitals in New York State to Come Clean by March 15th

January 12, 2005 RID airs radio ads in NY calling on hospitals to clean up and come clean

December 2, 2004 RID calls for NY hospitals to clean up their act; plans Dec. 7th Forum


Contracting infection while in the ICU adds $150,000 or more to an elderly patient's care costs and shortens their life by many years. 

September 2014

JAMA Internal Medicine

survey shows 70% of hospital leaders say public reporting motivates them to improve patient safety.


Betsy McCaughey:

"U.S. hospitals not ready for Ebola."

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